Edith's Science Classes!

"Everything you don't know is something you can learn!" Unknown

"We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them" Jean Jacques

Due to COVID-19, all science classes will be held virtually for the Fall of 2020.

About The Program

Weekly Zoom meetings: Every class consists of a lecture followed by live experiments to collect data. Students will analyze data, interpret results, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings. Notes and labs are sent weekly to print out. Students receive a ThinkWave account. In this account, students will be able to follow PowerPoint slides for each lesson, see weekly schedules, upload their homework assignments, review their vocabulary, watch videos related to the lesson, and check on their grades. ThinkWave documents and grades will be updated weekly. A recommended list of lab kits will be sent to purchase for students to do the expirements at home with the teacher's guidance. I am an authorized vendor for Valley View and Visions charter schools.

Background Information

I earned a Nuclear and Chemical Engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Some of my strengths are in Thermal Engineering, Reactor Design, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. I have worked doing research at the National Institute of Health and Argonne National Lab. I have worked in the past organizing many tutoring programs for UC Berkeley and coordinating a medicine-oriented summer program for high school students (FACES for the Future in Oakland) This is my 5th year teaching science from Elementary to High School students.

My Philosophy

Homeschooling has been a wonderful experience for my family. My husband and I enjoy sharing our passion for science to our kids. Whenever they are interested in learning something new, we learn it together. Now I am sharing my passion for science with other families. I want my students to love science as much as I do. Through hands-on labs (K-12th) and open class discussions, my students learn to think critically. They develop problem-solving skills by asking questions and analyzing evidence without feeling intimidated about the challenges of science. We learn science through our senses!

Teacher Assistant

My name is Jasmine Amaya, and I'm majoring in Math and Chemistry at Diablo Valley College. I will be transferring into a BioEngineering program next year. This semester, I am completing Calculus 3, Organic Chemistry, and have completed my Biology requirements to transfer. Aside from attending full time at DVC, I am currently tutoring math and science to middle school students. I have experience working with children. I worked at ARF as a Teen Counselor, and at the Oakland Zoo as a Teen Wild Guide. I was not only a student at Mrs. Penn's class, but I also volunteered to assist with the labs. I am thrilled to join Mrs. Penn on her mission to share her love for the STEM subjects. I look forward to teaching your children to find passion in science and math through hands-on experiences!

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